Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the fees to swap❔

Our swapping fees are set at 0.15%, making Anonify the most cost-effective option in the market.

What sets Anonify apart❔

Anonify allows you to freely choose your receiving wallet upon swapping, breaking the norm of swapping from the same wallet to the same.

Can you cross-chain swap❔

Yes, cross-chain swaps are supported. Check the website for the list of supported tokens.

How many tokens are supported❔

View the comprehensive list of supported tokens on our website.

Does Anonify require KYC❔

No, Anonify is committed to privacy. No KYC or sensitive details are needed for cryptocurrency swaps

Is Anonify online 24/7❔

We strive for 24/7 availability. Check our website for the current status of our exchange.

Does Anonify store your data❔

No, Anonify values your privacy and does not store any user data.

What if I send too much or too little❔

Join our Telegram or create a ticket, and our team will swiftly resolve the issue.

Why is the exchange on Telegram❔

Most users prefer using their phones for daily token transactions, making Telegram a more convenient option than a web-based application.

Will a web-based application be released❔

Yes, it's already planned. Explore more details in our roadmap.

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