Performing a Swap via Anonify

🔄 Performing a Swap via Anonify

Ready to experience seamless and private cryptocurrency swaps? Follow these easy steps to perform a swap with Anonify:

Step 1: Initiate a Swap

Type "/swap" in the Anonify bot chat to begin the swapping process. Anonify will guide you through a series of choices to tailor your swap experience.



Step 2: Choose Token Category

Anonify offers three token categories for you to choose from:

  • Native: native

  • Stable: stable

  • Altcoin: altcoin

Select your preferred category by clicking on the corresponding button.

Step 3: Select a Token/Coin

Once you've chosen a category, Anonify will present a list of tokens/coins within that category. Click on the token or coin you want to swap and receive. Pro Tip: You can also look for tokens by typing keywords such as ETH which will give the option to send/receive ETH, if you type USDT you will get the option to choose USDT from the different networks we offer. Example:

Step 4: Specify Amounts

After selecting a token, Anonify will prompt you to specify the amounts you wish to exchange for the chosen cryptocurrency. Enter the quantities according to your preferences.

Step 5: Exchange Rate Summary

Anonify will provide a summary of the exchange rate for your selected swap.


â™ģī¸ Swap overview

➡ī¸ You send: 1 BTC

↩ī¸ You receive: 16.70928143 ETH

Step 6: Provide Receiving Wallet Address

After reviewing the exchange rate summary, paste your receiving wallet address directly into the chat:

Step 7: Confirm and Complete

Review your swap details, ensuring everything is accurate. Anonify will provide a summary of your transaction. Confirm the details and proceed to complete the swap.

â™ģī¸ Swap overview

➡ī¸ You send: 1 BTC

↩ī¸ You receive: 16.712359760000002 ETH

đŸ’ŗ Recipient's address:

Step 8: Monitor Progress

Anonify will keep you informed about the status of your swap. Sit back, relax, and watch as your cryptocurrencies are exchanged privately and securely.

Step 9: Transaction Complete

Once the swap is successful, Anonify will notify you. Check your wallet to confirm the arrival of your swapped cryptocurrencies.

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